The Book

Fettuccine Alfredo, Spaghetti Bolognaise & Caesar Salad

The Triumph of The World’s False Italian Cuisine

● Second Revised Edition ● New English Editing ● Four Additional Chapters ● New Recipes ● New Suggested Wines

“Cut the bad habit, eat authentic!”

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Book Description
As an Italian and as a self-avowed foodie, rarely have I enjoyed editing a book as much as this one. Maurizio Pelli’s loyalty towards retaining the heritage of Italian cuisine and protecting it from encroachments from adulterated products marketed as genuine Italian, make me realise just how precious our gastronomic heritage is.

In this age of fast-food solutions, where quick-fix meals are now ubiquitous, a book like his raises consciousness about the need to commit to quality and authenticity when it comes to ordering Italian food in restaurants, as well as preparing Italian dishes at home.

The fascinating elements that have formed the basis of Italian culinary evolution down the ages, added to Pelli’s formidable grasp of every detail inherent to its unfolding, make for a riveting read that raises questions and whets palates in equal measure.

Lisa Durante
Lisa Durante is a half English, half Italian writer and editor who has lived in Dubai for over a decade. She is the publisher of the global ‘Best of ‘ … book series that develops
annual publications on entrepreneurship that showcase best practices from cities worldwide. She is also the editor of ‘New You’  magazine, a monthly publication dedicated to Integrative Medicine, optimal ageing, aesthetics and organic lifestyles.

The suggested wine pairings for the recipes in this book were carefully selected by Delphine Veissiere, a wine expert who lives between Milan and Paris. With a PhD in economics  from the University of Paris – Dauphine, Delphine holds a qualification as Wine Educator from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust in London.

This is neither a recipe book nor a book about the secret of the popular Mediterranean Diet. This is the true story of authentic Italian cuisine that the world now relishes. It also showcases some true Italian delicacies that many are not familiar with.
Italian restaurants can be found all around the globe, but not all of them serve dishes that remain true to their original and unique flavour.

In this book, now in its second edition, Maurizio Pelli not only gives the reader a taste of genuine Italian gastronomy, he also shares insights on the fascinating history behind the dish and how it is significant in Italian culture overall.

Maurizio Pelli was born in Arona, a city in the Piemonte region of northern Italy. He has lived in Dubai for the past fifteen years and currently enjoys an epicurean-inspired retirement. This book was born of his desire to share the true flavours of Italian food to the all those who share his passion for Italian cuisine.